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PostSubject: MIRACLE BELT II   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:09 am

Miacle Belt II

Low frequency belt of tormanium ceramic releasing anion and far infrared ray

Clinical effects of low-frequency therapy

1.Promotes blood circulation 혈행촉진
It activates metabolism, promotes blood circulation and hence gives good
effectiveness to the inflammatory diseases.

2. Adjusts the function of all glands 분비선의 기능조정
It promotes release of digestive liquids, controls the release of the
Stomach acids, and controls the thyroid gland and pancreas hormone

3.Good Absorption. 흡수력을 좋게한다.
It enhances the absorption power of the whole body and is effective
in acidic materials and dissolving blood clot.

4.Helps in structure activation 조직의 활성화를 촉진
Low frequency therapy activates the function of all internal organs.

5.Blood Work 혈액작용
It gives good effectiveness to the blood pressure and enhances RBC,WBC,immunity power
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